Cynthia Paris

CLYT & Speaker


Cynthia Paris is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Laughter Ambassador. Prior to being trained by Dr Kataria as a Laughter Yoga teacher- Cynthia led business and personal development sessions for over 20years. Her favorite topics focus on smart and healthy business teams in hospitals, private businesses and government agencies. As manager & therapist at a behavioral health hospital system- she worked directly with many different groups of people. Including-children, teachers, healthcare professionals, sales executives, youth and adult patients in care for mental health treatment, families, foster children, retired adults, seniors with dementia, adjudicated youth, and male violent offenders. With every group- she has refined facilitation that allow participants to experience and integrate meaning. She specializes in techniques used in experiential therapy and education to create engaging sessions on any topic!

Combining professional facilitation techniques with Laughter Yoga- the concepts have been received well in many settings both within and outside the Laughter Yoga community. Knowing how to engage your audience, respecting and adapting, are important components of a successful learning session. Cynthia loves to travel and collaborate sharing retreats that combine learning, self- reflection and laughter with vacation destinations that inspire.

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