Dr. Kataria recommends that all in-person laughter session be placed on hold during the pandemic. Laughter Yoga USA is carefully following the latest updates and recommendations from the CDC, state and local governments regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus. While the majority of our “in-person” Laughter Yoga club gatherings, sessions and events have been put on hold, please rest assured that Laughter Yogis are working behind the scenes to keep up our personal laughter practice and grow our online presence.

Active Members are invited to share their up-to-date laughter club information

Laughter Yoga around the world is shared through social groups, gatherings and clubs. Originally started with Dr Kataria at a park in India, he shared Laughter Yoga daily, for free, to anyone who wished to join. It was in this traditional way that Laughter Yoga has spread around the world, one group at a time. Face to face, seeing, hearing and feeling the energy of each other laughing, brings out the many benefits of Laughter Yoga.

Today, to allow everyone the opportunity to experience theses benefits, many Laughter Leaders continue the tradition of hosting free social Laughter Yoga sessions.  Dedicated volunteers share their laughter regularly with the public during daily, weekly or monthly times. There are thousands of laughter clubs in India alone. Dr. Kataria estimates there are 16’000 laughter clubs around the world.

Please visit one of our Laughter Yoga free social clubs! Look for one near you or while you are traveling. Laughter is the ideal people connector.

Laughter Yoga USA is in the process of restructuring our membership program and our intention is to soon offer active members the opportunity to list their up-to-date club information by State, City, Day & Time, Contact Charter Member  on this site.

  • *To be listed on this site, hosts must volunteer their time providing regular free groups or clubs and be Laughter Yoga USA members in good standing. In some cases the building or park charges a space rental fee. Where there is such a fee- the Laughter Leader must either absorb the cost or can pass  on a small charge. This charge should be enough to cover rental costs only.