Become a Charter Member of Laughter Yoga USA

All our welcome to join. You do not need to live in the USA or have any Laughter Yoga training- we welcome everyone! By becoming a charter member of Laughter Yoga USA, you will enjoy special opportunities offered from time to time. Apart from contributing to a noble cause, you will get multifold benefits as a Laughter Yoga professional and Laughter Yoga Club member or practitioner.

Yearly Charter Membership Fee: $40 

We believe in keeping our membership rates affordable for all.


Benefits of Charter Membership

  1. Special discounts for all forthcoming conferences, conventions, spiritual retreats, trainings and other workshops
  2. 10% discount on Laughter Yoga International shop orders
  3. Opportunity to submit listing of your Laughter Yoga Free Social clubs.
  4. You will receive regular newsletters about Laughter Yoga activities in the USA
  5. You will have the opportunity to submit articles, creative artwork, testimonials and photos to promote Laughter Yoga and Laughter Yoga services. Submissions will be reviewed and selected for posting
  6. Opportunity to submit your Laughter Yoga events and trainings on the Laughter Yoga USA facebook page
  7. Free downloads of special booklets
  8. Members may use “active member of” Laughter Yoga USA logo on your materials
Become a Member

Please note- all submissions are subjected to review for content, timeliness, space and other needs. Not all submissions are able to be selected. There are currently no limit to the number of submissions. If you have an idea or article for newsletter send to: