Download the Laughter Yoga Mission and Code of Conduct PDFs.




Our Mission

The mission of the Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders is twofold: (1) to establish local
Laughter Yoga Clubs; and (2) to guide people joyfully through laughter yoga exercises
in regularly scheduled group meetings. The laughter leaders are at the forefront of our
efforts to bring health, happiness and peace to the world through laughter.

Code of Conduct

1. Representatives in the Field for Laughter Yoga Movement
Laughter Yoga Leaders obtain their certifications by successfully completing a prescribed
course of instruction taught by a Laughter Yoga Teacher. Certification is earned by
demonstrating the ability to speak knowledgeably about the origins and benefits of
laughter yoga, and exhibiting competence in leading members of the public through
laughter exercises with cheerfulness and confidence. They possess qualities of sincerity,
enthusiasm, credibility and helpfulness essential to be respected as local spokespersons,
educators and role models for the global Laughter Yoga movement. They are vital to the
growth of Laughter Yoga and must set an example by maintaining an appropriate level
of professionalism both in conduct and appearance.

2. Principle of Oneness
Laughter Yoga Leaders promote the principle of oneness – ‘I belong to everyone and
everyone belongs to me. No one is superior or inferior – we are all equal.’ We are part
of a global family with diverse cultural values bound together through the worldwide
network of Laughter Yoga Clubs in a common pursuit of good health, peace and

3. Principle of Selfless Service and Respect for Others
Laughter Yoga Leaders do not put personal interest before the need of others. They
encourage discussion and differing opinions and do not allow personal ego to interfere
with adopting good solutions regardless of where they originate. They do their utmost
to make sure that all participants feel included and valued.

4. Unconditional Love for All
Laughter Yoga Leaders strive to make all persons feel welcome; they are patient and
understanding with everyone. They readily adapt to the values of other cultures and countries and are sensitive and open-minded to individual concerns and differences.
They do not tolerate any display of prejudice or bias related to gender, race, ethnic
origin, sexual orientation, religion, ability, age or disability. They give unconditionally to
everyone without judging or discriminating.

5. Continuing Education and Collaboration
Laughter Yoga Leaders must stay abreast of the latest information about the health
benefits of laughter, new laughter exercises and current events in the global laughter
network by reading press accounts and content from the Laughter Yoga website. They readily share insights and information with others in the
laughter yoga community and encourage collaboration, promotion and participation
in Laughter Yoga events.