Welcome to the official website and gathering place for Laughter Yoga professionals and enthusiasts across the USA.  We invite you to become a part of our community as we build our Laughter Yoga USA organization together.

Health, Happiness and World Peace through Laughter

We truly believe in the transformative power of Laughter Yoga, as this global movement for health, happiness and world peace is making a significant difference in the lives of people.  Laughter Yoga USA believes that the world would be a better place if everyone spent at least 15 minutes a day laughing.

Laughter Yoga Professional Community

The organization offers an opportunity to connect with others in the USA to become part of a supportive community of professionals and enthusiasts who study, practice, and promote Laughter Yoga.  As a not-for-profit, member-driven, national organization, we serve as a resource for our professional Laughter Yoga Leaders, Teachers and Master Trainers who spread awareness, education and services into new places.

Free Social Laughter Clubs

One of our main priorities is to reach more people through the expansion of free Laughter Clubs across the nation. We want to reach out to people with special needs and underprivileged people.

For a listing of our Free Laughter Yoga events Click Here.

Dedicated to our members’ growth and prosperity, we will support Laughter Yoga professionals through opportunities for collaboration, professional development seminars, workshops, annual conferences (national and regional), Laughter Festivals, and World Laughter Day events.

Research and Development

We will conduct research studies on Laughter Yoga methods for different applications and demographic groups like: older adults, school children, physically and mentally challenged, and visually impaired. We will also develop new programs of Laughter Yoga relevant to American culture.

Our Future Projects

Laughter Yoga International Center in the USA

Affiliated with Laughter Yoga International in Bangalore, India, we will establish an actual physical campus. This will be a non-academic teaching, coaching and training institute like the one in India.

Laughter City

Our vision includes a residential area – a Laughter City – adjacent to the University, where all laughter lovers would be welcome to learn and play together, and nurture our goal of world peace through laughter. For some of us, this Laughter City could be the ideal place to live our retirement years, in a community of caring, sharing friends.

We’re excited to start this adventure, learn about you, create a collaboration explosion, and make something exceptional together.   Please consider joining Laughter Yoga USA as a Charter Member and take advantage of everything membership has to offer.

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