Guidelines for Online Leader Training

Due to Covid-19 situation Leader training can be offered online. Please note that this is a temporary provision until the situation gets normal.

  • The Leader training has to be the combination of online coaching (12 hours) followed by physical training face-to-face for one day when the situation gets better. (6 hours duration).
  • The online training hours can be split over a few weeks according to the convenience of the teacher and the students. It is better to give at least one day break between the sessions so that students can practice and can record some videos.
  • The cost of one online training for 12 one hourly sessions could range from USD 250-300.
  • After completing online training one-day physical training is mandatory, and you can charge extra amount for one-day training or you can work out a package.
  • You can post your training on the international website and mention the start date and you can approximately mention the end date. In the description, you can mention the details of your schedule.
Before the training:
  • After registration email Leader training manual one week before the training. Ask participants to read the manual.
  • Create a WhatsApp group to share their practice videos. This WhatsApp group is private and strictly confidential, and no information should be shared without the permission of the participants.
  • Assessing laughter quotient. Please send this questionnaire for students to fill up before they start the course.
Lesson 1
  • Introduction objectives of Laughter Yoga Leader Training.
  • Basics of laughter yoga – 5 points, 3 reasons, 4 steps and 5 benefits.
  • Demonstrate and lead five laughter exercises followed by student’s participation.
  1. Memorize five points and three reasons and record a video.
  2. Participate in the Zoom or Skype Laughter Club.

Dr. Madan Kataria has created an agenda for 12 lessons in detail which they can send out to paid Prozone members by email. Please write an email to