October 4, 2020: Laughter During Times of Uncertainty

Thank you to everyone who attended the October 4, 2020 Laughter Yoga USA Online Event: Laughter During Times of Uncertainty. The event was a splendid success with opening remarks from Dr. Madan Kataria & Madhuri Kataria, 12 fantastic presenters, and Laughter Yoga Professionals and enthusiasts from the USA and around the world.

Visit the event page to reminisce, download the program and watch videos.

Here is the Countdown video that played at the beginning of the event:

Laughter Yoga USA is thrilled to announce that we now officially have Nonprofit 501(c)(3) status!

Laughter Yoga USA strongly supports Laughter Yoga International’s Code of Conduct. This includes the Principle of Oneness, the Principle of Selfless Service and Respect for Others, and Unconditional Love for All.
Laughter is more important than ever. Seek out a virtual laughter session via YouTube, Skype, Zoom, etc. to practice daily, mindful and unconditional laughter & deep breathing, which can help to maintain health, strengthen resilience, reduce stress and anxiety, boost immunity and morale, and to foster strong lung function.
Laughter Yoga USA is carefully following the latest updates and recommendations from the CDC, state and local governments regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus. While the majority of our “in-person” Laughter Yoga club gatherings, sessions and events have been put on hold, please rest assured that Laughter Yogis are working behind the scenes to keep up our personal laughter practice and grow our online presence.
We look forward to resuming our regular group practices in the future.
Keep up the laughter! Ho ho ha ha ha!
All the best,
Team Laughter Yoga USA

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