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26th Anniversary of Laughter YogaThe Ancients taught that “laughter is the best medicine,” and today experts from places like the Mayo Clinic recommend Laughter Yoga to relieve stress, strengthen the immune system and stimulate circulation. It is also a surefire way for people to have fun together, and to energize any meeting from school classrooms to hospital workshops and corporate conferences.

It all began in 1995 in Mumbai, India. A family physician named Dr. Madan Kataria had the idea that his friends and patients would be healthier if they could just laugh more. So he started a little laughter club with his wife Madhuri and three of their best friends. They met up at a local park and started telling jokes to generate laughter, connect and have fun. Their merriment soon attracted others. But then after a couple of weeks they ran out of jokes and interest flagged.

Many people would have given up, but Dr. K kept searching for a way for people to laugh more often. Having just seen how beneficial just a few days of laughter was for his friends, he realized that it was the simple act of extended laughing that made people feel better, whether it started by jokes or not. So he created a few simple exercises to get people laughing without any jokes, and Laughter Yoga was born.

From that initial laughter club in Mumbai, others sprouted up all over India and then other countries followed. Today, there are more than 20,000 Laughter Yoga clubs spread across 110 countries, benefiting people of all ages and backgrounds.

This year we celebrate 26 years of Laughter Yoga. The pandemic may have shut down many of our in-person gatherings, but Zoom and other streaming services have allowed even more people to join our Laughter Yoga community.

Laughter Yoga is simple enough to do anywhere, anytime. You start to feel the effects from the very first session. All you need is the willingness to open up and laugh as you have seldom done before. It’s really hard to keep stressed in the midst of a good belly laugh. Join the laughter movement!

Laughter + movement = a happier, healthier you!

LY USA CollageLaughter Yoga USA, Inc is a nonprofit organization headquartered in the USA, with the assistance and support of Dr. Kataria and Laughter Yoga International Headquarters in Mumbai, India. Our objectives include: Building Community, Uniting Laughter Yoga Professionals, Education Opportunities, Annual Conferences, Research and Development, Providing Resources and Free Social Laughter Clubs. For more details Click Here.

Laughter Yoga has spread to over 110 countries and is being practiced at thousands of laughter clubs globally.

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By becoming a member of Laughter Yoga USA, you will be able to take advantage of future discounts to special Laughter Yoga events, the opportunity to list your free social Laughter Yoga Club online with LY USA, the opportunity to post your LY training on LY USA Facebook (subject to approval and some limits), printable privilege membership card, and other special opportunities being offered from time to time.

The best part of membership is supporting the goal of sharing LY with the community- particularly under-served populations. Many people can benefit with Laughter Yoga. The more we can share our laughter, the healthier and happier our communities become! Your support will also help us to offer scholarships and small grants. Apart from contributing to a noble cause, you will get multi-fold benefits as a Laughter Yoga professional and Laughter Yoga Club member or practitioner.

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Laughter Yoga USA is thrilled to announce that we now officially have Nonprofit 501(c)(3) status!

Laughter Yoga USA strongly supports Laughter Yoga International’s Code of Conduct. This includes the Principle of Oneness, the Principle of Selfless Service and Respect for Others, and Unconditional Love for All.
Laughter is more important than ever. Seek out a virtual laughter session via YouTube, Skype, Zoom, etc. to practice daily, mindful and unconditional laughter & deep breathing, which can help to maintain health, strengthen resilience, reduce stress and anxiety, boost immunity and morale, and to foster strong lung function.
Laughter Yoga USA is carefully following the latest updates and recommendations from the CDC, state and local governments regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus. While the majority of our “in-person” Laughter Yoga club gatherings, sessions and events have been put on hold, please rest assured that Laughter Yogis are working behind the scenes to keep up our personal laughter practice and grow our online presence.
We look forward to resuming our regular group practices in the future.
Keep up the laughter! Ho ho ha ha ha!
All the best,
Team Laughter Yoga USA