Laughter Yoga USA, Inc is a nonprofit organization headquartered in the USA, with the assistance and support of Dr. Kataria and Laughter Yoga International Headquarters in Bangalore, India. Our objectives include: Building Community, Uniting Laughter Yoga Professionals, Education Opportunities, Annual Conferences, Research and Development, Providing Resources and Free Social Laughter Clubs. For more details Click Here.


Become a Charter Member

By becoming a charter member of Laughter Yoga USA, you will receive a discount off conferences and other events ( usually discount is more than price of annual membership!) , opportunity to list your free social Laughter Yoga Club online with LY USA, opportunity to post your LY training on LY USA Facebook (subject to approval and some limits) , printable privilege membership card, and other special opportunities being offered from time to time.

The best part of Charter membership is supporting the goal of sharing LY with the community- particularly under-served populations. Many people can benefit with Laughter Yoga- the more we can share our laughter- the healthier and happier our communities become ! Your support will also help us to offer scholarships and small grants. Apart from contributing to a noble cause, you will get multifold benefits as a Laughter Yoga professional and Laughter Yoga Club member or practitioner.

For more details click here.